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Heltborg Museum

Skårhøjvej 15
7760 Hurup Thy

Heltborg Museum

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In the old school in Heltborg lies a museum with the most stunning view of the Limfjord. The museum displays old agricultural tools from the family farms in the 1950s as well as artwork by the artist Jens Søndergaard. The museum also has temporary art exhibitions in its show rooms.

Outside the museum, you’ll find a reconstructed farm from the Iron Age (approx. year 0). In summer, the Iron Age farm has interactive presentations and activities for children. The blacksmith hammers the scorching hot iron, the housewife spins threads and braids lovely bracelets, the slave chops wood, the farmer builds or repairs his buildings and the potter makes clay pearls and cooking kettles for the fireplace. The activities vary from day to day but there is always something exciting to try.  

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