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Lyngvig Harbour

Lyngvig Havnevej 0
6960 Hvide Sande

Lyngvig Harbour

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The port was built in 1908 in connection with the construction of the Lyngvig Lighthouse, which is located nearby. The Lyngvig Harbour is a small port, but nevertheless very authentic and pleasant. This is because of the elder, local anglers who care for the port. At the port, a mix of both fishing and yacht sailing is practiced.

In the harbour, one can still fish. It is primarily the local anglers who keep on fishing. Fishing is carried out either by small fishing boats or barges. At the port, there is also a drying place, where the nets can be dried after fishing.

At the port, there is a place where there are 3 shelters for accommodation. A shelter is a low barrack of wood, where the long side is open. In order to avoid getting wet in the shelters, a large roof overhang is added to protect against precipitation. These shelters are located on the grass towards the harbour. On this square, it is also the possible to eat your home-brought lunch.

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