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Pumpestation Nord

6900 Skjern

Pumpestation Nord

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Pumpestation Nord is the perfect place to go to if you want to experience the magnificent view of the area around Skjern Å.

From the roof of the pumping station, you will have a view of the wetlands, the huge river and the remains of the old canals and dikes before the river was straightened out again.

The story of the Skjern Å is the story of a stream, which in the 1960s was straightened out in order to provide more land for local farmers, who in 2003 got their meanders and meadows back when the largest restoration project in the history of Northern Europe was finished.

You will more information about the interesting story when you visit the pump station, which also provides aerial photos of the area.

Bring your bicycle
Nowadays, Skjern Å looks exactly like it did in the past, and it is therefore only natural that the area has been appointed a national park. 

The pumping station is from when the stream was drained, and is still operational.

Near the pumping station, Skjern Å can be crossed on foot or by bike by using a pull ferry.

Pumpestation Nord is also a perfect starting point for a walk on the dike to the estuary of Skjern River in the fjord that is located about two kilometers from the pumping station.