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Torvet Grill

Torvet 10
6950 Ringkøbing

Torvet Grill

categories: Fastfood Sweets

Does your heart beat an extra happily beat at the thought of visiting a great old-fashioned grill? - You know, the place where you can buy a quick roasted hotdog and a Cocio while waiting for your order. Then drop by Torvet Grill in Ringkøbing. Here you can have barbecue food after the classic virtues that makes every mouth water even the most abstemious fitness freak’s mouth.

Whether you prefer a great burger, a hotdog, French fries or perhaps a combination - then you will find happiness in Torvet Grill. In addition to the delicious variety of the classic grilled food, you can also enjoy a delicious ice cream AND if you come by in the summer, you can enjoy the ice cream or food at the tables in the sunlit square in front of the grill.

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