Why Vejle needs to be on your bucket list

Written the 05/11/2018
You will find plenty of experiences that will leave a lasting impression in Vejle and the surrounding area. There is something for the outdoorsy types, the art lovers, the adrenalin hunters, and the boat enthusiasts.

The urban environment

Vejle is a modern, dynamic, and forward-looking city in growth. There is not far between the architectural gems, old as well as new ones. Together they form a renewed characteristic view of the city. We will briefly go through some of the most piercing elements.

By the waterfront you will find The Wave, which is a striking visual attraction. In continuation of the harbour promenade, you will see the renowned landmark rising. As indicated by the name, the apartment complex is built in such a way, as to imitate a wave, with its mimetic interpretation of soft ascending and descending movements. The Wave has already attracted much attention, and has furthermore acquired several awards.

Floating bridges will allow you to reach the marina and continue over to the iconic office building, Fjordenhus. The building challenges the physical laws, by being located out in the water. The ground floor will remain open for visitors, despite the buildings business-related function. Fjordenhus takes the centre stage of the marina and should also be enjoyed during evening hours, as the building is all lit and bares similarities to a lighthouse.

From everywhere on the marina, you will have a view of the Vejle Fiord Bridge, which on its own, is a unique piece of construction. People use the bridge to shoot shortcuts across the water and around Vejle city. From the bridge itself, you get an impression of Vejle, which signals strong activity and a diligent business community.

Another older building that deserves appreciation, is Vejle’s number one landmark; Vejle Windmill. Because of its location on bakkedraget (hillside), the old tower mill can be seen from most parts of the city. In the dark of December, the mill is decorated with Christmas lights and can be seen from even further away, which makes it one of the most beautiful sites in Vejle. 

We could go on forever about beautiful architectural sites in Vejle, emphasising De Fem Søstre (The Five Sisters), Bryggen, Tröndur Parking and so on, but we urge you to go and explore admirable Vejle yourself and see how it all contributes to the cityscape.


Free year-round experiences

Økolariet (The Ecolarium) is a highly visited knowledge centre and experimentarium in the middle of Vejle, just off the train station. Here you might learn something new about how to better take care of our planet, while having fun. The exhibitions are related to environment, climate and as the name suggests: ecology. As a visitor, you will have a unique experience every time you visit the centre. The Ecolarium alter their exhibitions and guided tours to what is happening in the world right now. Perhaps you will even get “lucky” and be able to treat yourself to a snack along the way. We have been told that there have been samples of grasshoppers dipped in paprika, as well as protein-rich worms. The centre offers knowledge through experiences, for all kinds of explorers – and the best part is, the place has free entrance all year round.

Dyrehaven in Nørreskoven (The Deer Park) is an ideal place to visit with your kids or if you just want to take a relaxing stroll in scenic surroundings. In the deer park you will have the opportunity to get astoundingly close to the magnificent, but otherwise cloudy species. In addition to cute deer, you will also find several trails in beautiful surroundings, with fiord view and an alternative view of the Vejle Fiord Bridge. It is also possible to visit the park by bike or car. The park is open all year and won’t cost you a thing.

If you are up for a small drive, you should visit Jelling, which is less than 10 miles away. The place sits on a crucial piece of Danish culture. “Denmark” is mentioned for the first time in history on a Runestone, which sort of makes the stone a certificate of our country’s baptism.       


Awesomeness awaits…

Once you have had enough of Vejle (can you have enough? – you ask), then explore the surrounding area. You will find innumerable activities within a short range of Vejle.

“Everything is awesome” in Billund, the birthplace of LEGO. Only half an hour’s drive away, you will find more than 50 attractions and a Miniland that will put your LEGO-building-skills to the test. You move around in LEGOLAND from one magical LEGO-world to the next. A tip would be for you to purchase your tickets in advance. This way you avoid having to stand in a line to get the tickets, to then move over to the line where you redeem them. Moreover, you can save money if you buy your tickets up to a week in advance.

If you were to come back to Billund some other time, we can also recommend the neighbor of LEGOLAND: the tropical Lalandia.

You will also find *Givskud Zoo within half an hour drive from Vejle. Here you will experience a zoo beyond the usual. To see all the animals, you are required to drive around huge parts of the park, which adds a special element to the trip. Around the park you will find large parking areas, from where one is to continue to the animals on foot. Today the park has over 50 different species, however, when it started out, the zoo only had lions the first couple of years.

Back in Nørreskoven in Vejle, you can let your inner Tarzan on the loose, in the *Gorilla Park. You can challenge yourself in new heights, because the climbing park ensures your safety. The park is suitable for all age groups and does not require any prior climbing experience.



Due to its new architecture and alternative urban spaces, Vejle is an attraction in itself. The city’s location is also highly advantageous as regards several sights and attractions in Jutland, but the above is only a small excerpt of what you can experience in and around Vejle – Come and feel the life by the fiord in person.



*Please note that these parks are closed during the winter – check out the respective websites for opening hours