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Besættelsesmuseum Fyn (Occupation Museum Funen)

Lufthavnvej 136
5270 Odense N

Besættelsesmuseum Fyn (Occupation Museum Funen)

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Besættelsesmuseum Fyn tells the story of the German occupation during World War II.

On Funen the Germans built one of four airfields that were to strengthen the defence of Denmark. In Beldring more than 1600 hectare land was seized and the villagers in the surrounding villages were forced to sell the houses and leave the area no later than March 1st, 1944.

Various facilities were built around the airfield and one of the bunkers is a part of the museum today.

Besættelsesmuseum Fyn has a permanent exhibition about the resistance movement, the German presence and everyday life as it was for the Danes in the years 1940 – 1945.

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