Shopping, Convenience store, Retail, Restaurants, Playland, Entertainment

Jyllands Park Zoo

Family activities, Theme park, Attractions, Children activity, Zoos, MUST SEE

Landal Seawest

Accommodation, Holiday Resort

Strandpark Middelfart

Accommodation, Children activity, Entertainment

Seal safari

Culture, Attractions, Children activity, Hotspots, Local heritage, MUST SEE

Jutland Aquarium

Family activities, Museums and Exhibition, Attractions, Children activity, Entertainment, MUST SEE

LEGO House - playground for LEGO fans

Family activities, Theme park, Attractions, Children activity, MUST SEE, Day trips

Seaside Safari - nature experiences on the West Coast

Must see, Retail, Children activity, Local heritage, bicycle rentals

Landal Rønbjerg

Accommodation, Holiday Resort

Baboon City - playground for the whole family

Family activities, Theme park, Children activity, Playland, Entertainment, MUST SEE

Strandlejligheder Fyrklit

Accommodation, Children activity, Entertainment

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In Denmark, you’re never far from your next adventure. With world-class dining, chart-topping amusement parks and hundreds of charming Renaissance castles dotted across the famed Danish countryside – explore what makes Denmark one of the top destinations in Europe.

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