Bunker Museum Hirtshals 10. Batteri

Kystvejen, 9850 Hirtshals


Bunker Museum Hirtshals 10. Batteri

The Bunker Museum Hirtshals is Denmarks only excavated defence installation from World War 2. The museum is located in a beautiful nature close to the lighthouse of Hirtshals and covers an area of 450x750 metres. The area includes 3,5 kilometres of trenches, which connect the 69 bunkers, that are in the region. In one of the bunkers, there is an exhibition about the 10. Batteri and Hirtshals in the time of the occupation, while others are decorated with the original furniture. A visit to the Bunker Museum provides an insight in the daily life in and around the bunkers and it is possible to get to know a newer part of Danish history. Access to the site itself is granted 24 hours a day all year long.

The area of the museum includes the lighthouse of Hirtshals. In the opening hours, it is possible to go up and look down at the fort and get an overview over it.

The Bunker museum is part of the Vendsyssel Historical Museum.
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