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Daugbjerg Kalkminer (Limestone Mines)

Dybdalsvej 18C
8800 Viborg

Daugbjerg Kalkminer (Limestone Mines)

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Outside the cosy town Daugbjerg you visit experience Scandinavia's oldest limestone mines. Go underground and explore the exciting and unique limestone mines. Feel the atmosphere in the crooked mazes, which were once the workplace of hardworking miners. In the dim atmosphere, the silence is heard and you can sense the cries of the many bats that hibernate in the mines.

Here you can hear the story of Jens Langkniv - the Robin Hood of that time - highwaymen and other people who passed the time in the caves of the mines.
Book a guided tour and listen to the stories about the mine's history, Jens Langkniv, bats and much more.

17-23000 bats hibernate in the limestone mines. The bats can easily be seen in the spring and autumn months where they hang visible in the dark galleries.

Millions of years ago, when the world was very young, the limestone was formed from dead crustaceans. This was advantageous many years later, when in medieval times lime was used as mortar in castles, fortresses, churches and monasteries. With the location of the limestone mine near the main road, it was easy to reach the major markets and construction sites throughout Jutland and northern Germany.

The mines maintain a constant temperature and humidity, and with this nature has created ideal conditions for storing and maturing cheese. The cheeses can be purchased at the visitor center.

After the tour of the mines, it is advisable to go on a calm and peaceful hiking trip in the old and beautiful Dybdalskov, in which Daugbjerg Mines is located. The forest is perfect for many kinds of outdoor activities like role play, geocatch and orienteering.

Besides conference facilities, Daugbjerg Kalkgruber offers a banquet room and a fireplace. Therefore, there are many opportunities to organize events in extremely authentic and subtle settings.

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