Fangeborgen Varde

Borgpladsen 6, 6800 Varde


Fangeborgen Varde

45 challenges, 45 rooms, 45 possibilities for getting caught. If you are looking for a different activity you can enjoy with family, colleagues or friends, you must visit Fangeborgen in Varde.

Strength, wisdom and courage
At Fangeborgen you have to solve tasks that require both strength, wisdom and courage. In the game you will meet 45 rooms and 45 challenges. Once you have completed a challenge, you will move on to the next room. You are working against time so if you want to complete the challenges you must work together, use your brains and make the right decisions.

Team building or family day?
If you want to spend some quality time with your family, Fangeborgen Varde is a sure hit. You can spend time together in a different way and that can only end up being fun. Fangeborgen in Varde is also an ideal place for a different teambuilding activity. If you want to complete the game, you must work together and listen to each other and workplaces usually benefit greatly from visiting the place.

You will find Fangeborgen at Roustvej in Varde. Now there is nothing more to be said other than: Good hunting and be careful not to get caught!

Family activities