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Helm Varde

Kræmmergade 4
6800 Varde

Helm Varde

categories: Clothing and accessories

Helm Varde

On Kræmmersgade 4 in the beautiful market town of Varde you find Helm. Helm is an inspiring and inviting leather goods store, where high-quality products and service are our highest priorities. Here you can choose from an abundance of high-quality leather products such as bags, wallets, shoes, etc. 

As you enter our store, you’ll be met by our kind and passionate staff that’s always ready to offer advice and answer questions, should you have any.  

We’re a family owned business with 12 stores spread all over Jylland and nothing less than 200 years of experience with leather goods. We consider bags of the finest leather to be our key product – you quite simply won’t find a better selection of high-quality bags anywhere in Denmark. 

The fact that we have Denmark’s greatest selection and experience that goes back to our foundation in 1873 makes us sure that we can offer you both the best possible service and the best possible product. Also, we promise you this: our low prices are as tough as leather! 

We look forward to seeing you!

NB: We also have a webshop,, where you choose from the same huge selection of products that you find in our stores.

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