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Varde Miniby

Enghavevej 23
6800 Varde

Varde Miniby

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The Varde Miniby project initiated in 1966, but even today, most parts of the mini-city’s construction works are still standing in Varde. The buildings in Varde Miniby are constructed with incredible precision and accuracy compared to the original buildings in the city. The small hand-built buildings are built in a 1:10 scale and are designed by "minimurer", who voluntarily constantly work to make the Miniby bigger.

Varde Miniby is open most of the summer and every Wednesday it is possible to visit the workshop, where the "minimurerne" work on the next expansion of the Miniby. Once the entrance fee has been paid, you can walk around in the Miniby, but if you want the entire experience, it is also possible to walk guided tours around the city.

Bring along the family on a "mini" hiking trip and experience Varde from above. It is possible to buy ice cream and souvenirs at the kiosk at the entrance.

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