Mormor's ting og sager

Vardevej 93, 6880 Lyne


Mormor's ting og sager

Not far from Ringkøbing Fjord nor Tarm, in the village Lyne, you will find Mormor’s Ting og Sager. Mormor’s Ting og Sager is a combined store and café, and it is also possible to stay the night in their beautiful Bed and Breakfast. 

Nostalgia and childhood memories
When you step into Mormor’s Ting og Sager it literally feels like entering your grandmother's home. Scents of knitwear, coffee, flowers and childhood memories fill the air. In other words, it is pure nostalgia. The store offers everything from home decór to crafts and flowers, and it is hard not to be tempted.

If you have a special wish for flower decorations, Mormor’s Ting og Sager are happy to hear from you in advance so they can make a beautiful decoration for you.

Café and B&B
It is not just because of the shop that people visit Lyne. Many also drop by Mormor’s Ting og Sager’s café to have something warm to drink and something delicious to eat. If you are looking for accommodation in the area, the associated Bed and Breakfast is an obvious choice. Here you are guaranteed a great night's sleep in freshly made beds and an exquisite morning meal to start the day.

You are very welcome to drop by!

Housing and interior, Café