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Bunkermuseum Hanstholm

Molevej 29
7730 Hanstholm

Bunkermuseum Hanstholm

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Indoor Outdoor
Located in the brutally beautiful nature on the edge of the roaring North Sea and Thy National Park you encounter Museumscenter Hanstholm, which offers an abundance of historical experiences.

Here you can experience the greatest Second World War fortifications in Northern Europe. Inside these fortifications you find the exceptional bunker museum that covers an area of 3000 m 2 . Here many rooms are left exactly like they were during the war. In this way, you get a unique insight into the lives of the soldiers.

A walk through the bunker is a very intense and authentic experience, where you’re sure to sense the presence of history.

Interactive exhibitions
On top of the bunker is the Documentation Center which houses several exciting exhibitions on the Second World War. These days you can experience the exhibition Fjende og Nabo – Hanstholm besat (Enemy and Neighbour – Hanstholm occupied),  here you have the opportunity to get close to the lives of the civilians and occupiers in the shadow of the fortifications and the Great War. If you wish to a get a guided tour of the fortifications, this is of course also possible. We look forward to welcome you!

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