Cold Hawaii, Klitmøller

Ørhagevej 152, 7700 Thisted


Cold Hawaii, Klitmøller

Surfing, saltwater and phenomenal wind conditions. These are just some of the words that describe the coast of Klitmøller. The town was once known for its ship trade but today it attracts thousands of surfing enthusiast from both Denmark and abroad – surfing enthusiast that come to the area to try out its 29 great surf spots. 

Phenomenal wind conditions
This stretch of coast is called Cold Hawaii and it’s quite a fitting name as the wind conditions in the area are similar to the ones found on Hawaii. This attracts many surfers – both professionals end beginners. The area also hosts several competitions. Among others, the competition Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup has taken place here every year since 2010. 32 of the world’s best surfers compete in this competition and if you are even a little interested in the sport, you really should go see it. 

A unique atmosphere
Cold Hawaii isn’t only famous for the tall waves and phenomenal wind conditions. It is also famous for its unique atmosphere which can’t quite be compared to anything else. It is a good mixture of a hip relaxed attitude and an old-fashioned fishermen’s environment. It must be experienced to be understood. 

You don’t need to be a surfing enthusiast to visit Cold Hawaii. Many beginners try their hand at surfing for the first time here while others simply enjoy the North Sea from the beach or go exploring in the nearby cities.

If you haven’t visited Cold Hawaii yet, you’ve missed out. 


Water activity, Adrenalin kick