Bredgade 17, 7400 Herning



In the middle of Herning's pedestrian street you will find Skokjær, which, with its wide collection of different shoes, always exudes great style and quality. The store always stands spectacularly with inspiring windows, great offers and new exciting items ensuring a great experience and maybe a new purchase for the closet.

Large selection
Skokjær has a wide range of different brands, where you can find shoes for both the very young as well as men's and women's shoes. With its wide range, the shop definitely has something for you, whether it is warm winter boots for the cold winter months or light summer sandals in the hot weather during the summer period. With a smile on the lip, the staff is always ready to guide you in order to find the perfect pair of shoes with their many years of experience and large expertise.

A modern shoe store
Skokjær is a shop in rapid development, which always follows the latest fashion within the world of shoes. They offer both new and popular brands as well as more traditional brands that are widely known. At the store you will also always find a selection of new trends that can be a source of great inspiration and new ideas.

Therefore, there is something for everyone at Skokjær in Herning. The store thus definitely has what you seek and need!