Klitvej 9, 7680 Thyborøn



Far out west, in Thyborøn lies Sneglehuset. A very unique house that is decorated with thousands of shells, clams and conch shells. It's all created by a single man who in 1949, at the age of 58 years began to build and decorate Sneglehuset. A house that, through 25 years of work becomes Alfred's life's work. A life's work which this year celebrates its 70th year anniversary.

Inside the house are two exhibitions

Mandalay is the heart of Sneglehuset in what back in the days was the café. Today the old cafe room is an exhibition with a great collection of mussels, shells and local fishermen's exciting finds from their nets and a whole lot more remarkable things. The time has been on standby and the exhibition stands precisely as when Alfred Pedersen's sons left it in 1993. Chaotic and breathtaking.

70th Anniversary Exhibition
In 2019, it is 70 years since Alfred Pedersen began building his unique snail house for his wife Paula. We mark this by making an exhibition about the history behind Sneglehuset. The Story of a fisherman walking ashore. With an exquisite taste for snails and attention to detail, Alfred Pedersen creates a house that still stands today as a pearl in Danish folk art.

You can again enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry served on seagull set or buy a Hansen's Ice out of the window just as in the days of Alfred.

The Snail Shop
You can find all of the world's snails and shells, stuffed hedgehog fish, amber and amber shampoo, postcards and posters, freshwater pearls, delicious licorice, earrings, necklaces and chocolates (if we haven't eaten it).

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