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Varde Golfklub

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Varde Golfklub 


A golf experience to remember? That’s what you’ll get when you visit Varde Golfklub. The golf course, known for being extremely well-kept, is beautifully located between the surrounding natural areas and the city.   


It’s not just about golf


When you arrive at the facilities, the first thing you notice is the beautiful surroundings. Both the club house and the green are well-kept, because at Varde Golfklub, we care about every little detail. If you take a look around, you’ll be astonished by the wonderful nature that surrounds the green. Varde Golfklub is located right in the heart of the beautiful natural area of Varde Ådal, and for this reason, a visit to the club is not only a spectacular golf experience – it’s also a spectacular nature experience.   


18-holes course


There’s a reason why golfers keep coming back to Varde Golfklub, and it’s not just the lovely surrounding nature. At Varde Golfklub, you can expect interesting holes, impressive greens and nice fairways. At first sight, the course doesn’t look particularly problematic, but after playing a round you might have to admit that the course is indeed filled with challenges.    


Other facilities 


At the clubhouse you find a well-stocked golfers’ shop, Proshop, which offers a wide range of equipment, shoes, clothing and various accessories. 

Likewise, there’s a nice restaurant which has an excellent view of the course. 


You find Varde Golfklub on Gellerupvej in Varde – Close to the city and in the middle of nature

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