Vizz Legeland (Vizz Play Centre)

Merkurvej 1E, 7400 Herning


Vizz Legeland (Vizz Play Centre)

700 square meters of arcade games, play equipment, ball launchers and lots more. That’s what you can expect when you visit Vizz Legeland. Vizz Legeland is one of the funniest and most cosy play centres in the region.

A fun weekend or a children’s birthday
If your children need to blow off some steam during the weekend or the holidays, Vizz Legeland is a great place to take them. We have slides, arcade games, ball launchers and much more that’s sure to excite even the calmest of children. If you are looking for a place to celebrate your child’s birthday, Vizz Legeland is also worth considering.  The children will love it and you can relax knowing that someone else is taking care of decorations, activities and clean-up.

Relax in the restaurant while the children play
While the children are busy having the time of their life, you can relax in the restaurant. Here you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or try one of our many homemade dishes. 

A 700 square meter play centre that guarantees a fun day for your children? That’s what you’ll find in Vizz Legeland in Herning.


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