Beach Bowl - Segways and Robins

Lodbergsvej 36, Søndervig, 6950 Ringkøbing


Beach Bowl - Segways and Robins

It is difficult to find a place in West Jutland, where so many activities are offered in just one place, which is the case with Beach Bowl in Søndervig.

Beach Bowl is much more than a bowling center.

You will have a completely unique experience by renting a Segway or a Robin because every day of the year, Beach Bowl organizes trips to the beach on these special vehicles. Even in the winter season, it is easy to stay warm, since Beach Bowl offer thermal clothing in all sizes.

On the all-terrain Segway, you can drive all the way across the dunes to the sea - an unforgettable natural experience for all ages.

It is possible to test your Segway skills on a closed track and it will surely surprise you how fast you will learn to ride a Segway.

Beach Bowl offers Segway driving all year round.

Everything else
If you would rather go bowling, watch football on a big screen, drink cold draft beer, go to the gym, and let the kids play in the huge play area or play pool, air hockey, tennis, or adventure golf, then this is of course also possible.

Beach Bowl is for the entire family and when you are tired after hours of fun in the center, you can end the day with a big, red steak and a great glass of wine in the excellent restaurant of Beach Bowl.

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