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Abelines Gaard

Sdr. Klitvej 87
6960 Hvide Sande

Abelines Gaard

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Experience life as it was in the past, when you visit Abelines Gaard. Be there when the story comes alive and the old crafts are built, let the children churn butter, see how hoses and laces are made and watch the blacksmith as he works at the forge.

Abelines Gaard

In 1890, a young Abeline moved into the neighbouring farm, she was married to Laurids, one of the sons of the farm and was now to live on the old farm called Strandfogedgård. She was supposed to be in the housekeeping and sleep in the same room as her parents-in-law - but Laurids and she had their own alcove!

There were plenty of alcoves at Strandfogedgård, It was here where stranded sailors could spend the night when their ship was stranded. And stranded sailors and sunken ships was what put food on the table on the farm - when the enormous English ship, Elisabeth Rickmers, stranded in 1894 on the part of the coast that belonged to Abelines Gaard, Abelines father-in-law earned so much that he passed on the farm later that year to Abeline and Laurids.

But luck did not last long for Abeline and Laurids when Laurids died in 1904 leaving Abeline alone with five children. With the help of her children Abeline ran the farm until her death in 1957.
The guests in the alcove
s were slowly replaced, instead of stranded sailors more and more beach guests came and slept in Abelines parlors.

Throughout the season Abelines Gaard offers weekly introductions of the old Strandfogedgård in Danish - in July and August the introductions are also available in English.
Experience life as in
the past
Listen to
Abeline’s life in the exhibition "Fortidens Ansigter" (Faces of the Past), decide for yourself what you want to hear when Abeline and Esepigen talk about their lives.
You can also bring your children
and explore the farm or play games indoors or outdoors, even those from the old days. Try to walk on stilts, play ti-bold and carom billiards. Put yourself in the daily life of children from 100 years ago when you try the funny treasure hunt.
Gaard also includes a rescue station where events are held throughout the year. Here the entire family can experience what a rescue operation looked like in the old days.
At Abelines
Gaard you will find a cozy café where you can enjoy a large cake buffet on chosen days – And otherwise cold and warm drinks and coffee-bread are served. There is also a small museum shop at the farm where you can buy souvenirs and ice cream.

Living history

Abelines Gaard is part of Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum, where you can experience the history of the place right where it took place. The museum consists of a series of authentic buildings, each of which tells its own exciting story about the life that was lived here and how people and landscapes shaped that life!

At Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum, history is not just a showcase. Here you can experience the LIVING HISTORY with all your senses - through animated, guided tours and activities for children. With a weekly or annual pass, you will get discounts when you visit several places. Children and adolescents up to the age of 18 have free admission when accompanied by an adult. The weekly ticket can be purchased in one of the museum's visitor locations.

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