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Bagge's dam

Baggersvej 4
6950 Ringkøbing

Bagge's dam

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Bagge´s dam is a link between Holmsland east of Ringkøbing Fjord and Holmlandsklit west of the Fjord. The original purpose of the dam was to drain the Sands to create more land for agriculture. Another important reason was also to make a simpler connection over the Ringkøbing Fjord.

The father of this idea was Søren Hansen Bagge, who submitted a construction request in 1844 to obtain permission to build the dam. Søren Hansen Bagge did not succeed in this, so the son took over to carry out the idea. He succeeded in building a long dam in 1860, which collapsed after a storm since it had only been in use for about a year. After that, the project was abandoned and the two breaches remained open. In 2016, a bridge connecting the two breaches was built when the Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality reopened the project.

Today the bridges on Bagge’s dam are for the benefit of cyclists and pedestrians, who can get a very beautiful natural experience in this area. There is a magnificent view of the Ringkøbing Fjord, where kite surfers are often on the water. The tourist town of Søndervig can be spotted in a northerly direction and the trading town of Ringkøbing is visible in the southeast direction. That is why you are guaranteed to have a stunning trip by bike or on foot over the bridges that connect Ringkøbing Fjord with this attraction in West Jutland.

Foto: Henrik Olesen, Ringkøbing

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