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Lodbergsvej 73-77
6950 Søndervig


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Enjoy an authentic Munich beer at Søndervig’s only bierstube.

Here the surroundings are styled with the German/Austrian spirit in mind, which characterizes a real bierstube.

In the high season from week 26 to week 32 Biergarten is open seven days a week and off-season it is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12 noon until late at night.

Festive atmosphere

Biergarten’s friendly staff contribute in creating a cozy and festive atmosphere that characterizes the place.

At Biergarten a special smoking room has been arranged, in order to not forcing smokers to smoke outside while non-smokers do not have to drink beer in a smoky room.

It is also possible to compete against one another in order to find out who is best at striking a nail into a block using fewest strokes - a cozy and fun activity both early and late in the day.

German dishes

It is also possible to eat at Biergarten and just like the surroundings; the menu is based on the German/Austrian traditions.

Among other things, you can enjoy a bratwurst, a karrywurst, a snitzel or a portion of fish and chips.

There is also a children's menu, which includes fish fillet with fries. 

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