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Blåvand Fiskebutik and Restaurant

Kallesmærskvej 2
6857 Blåvand

Blåvand Fiskebutik and Restaurant

categories: Restaurants Fish and shellfish
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Not far from the North Sea you will find Blåvand Fiskebutik and Restaurant. Here you can buy freshly caught fish, marinated joys and tasteful smoked fish from their own smokehouse. You can also visit the popular fish restaurant where the atmosphere is relaxed and the quality is always high.

Smoked fish from own smokehouse

If you are a fan of fish, you should drop by the fish-shop. The shop sells everything from classics like plaice and trout to exciting shellfish, and you can be certain of the fish always being fresh at Blåvand Fish Shop and Restaurant. Every day, the store is filled with fresh fish from the fish auction in Hanstholm. In addition to the wide selection of fresh fish, the store also sells marinated pleasures and tasteful smoked fish from their own smokehouse.

Versatile fish restaurant

In the fish restaurant you can enjoy tasty fish dishes or dig in the restaurant's fish buffet, which offers more than 40 different fish dishes. At Blåvand Fiskebutik and Restaurant you can expect a relaxed atmosphere and fish dishes of high quality. In other words, if you are fond of fish, you can look forward to a culinary treat.

In addition to fish, the restaurant also serves amazing steaks great children's menus.

Whether you eat at the restaurant or buy fresh fish to take home for dinner, you can always expect high quality and freshly caught fish when you visit Blåvand Fiskebutik and Restaurant.