Butik Season

Lodbergsvej 22 , 6950 Søndervig


Butik Season

In the middle of the town of Søndervig lies the magnificent shop called Season.

Walking in Season feels like being let into a huge treasure chest full of funny, whimsical and beautiful souvenirs. You will be greeted with a big smile and the unique humor of West Jutland and you can be sure that you will be a smile and an experience richer when you leave the shop.

Souvenirs on the shelves and an original atmosphere in the air
In the store Season, you will find all imaginable kinds of souvenirs and more. Impressive jewelry, delicious body care, hand-carved wooden figures, local spices and much, much more. Apart from the goods, the shop is also worth a visit for its original and great mood. Here there is always time for an enjoyable, droll story and a conversation with the employees about the various, exciting goods on the shelves.

If you are looking for a souvenir and would like to experience a local and spirited shop, then Season is definitely worth a visit.

See you soon!

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