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Drage og Surf Shop

Blåvandvej 45
6857 Blåvand

Drage og Surf Shop

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Large selection of kites

Everybody knows that windy weather is kite weather and if you are at the west coast, it is a rule of thumb rather than the exception that it blows a bit all year round. And that should be exploited. Drage Shop Blåvand has a wide selection of kites that you can explore. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can be confident that the store has something of your liking. Our friendly staff is ready to advise you and help find the kite that suits you best. After that, you simply go to the beach, let the wind feel the kite and slowly lengthen the string of the kite while enjoying the fresh air and the sight of your new kite that rises in the air.

Buggy and paddle boards and ATB's

In addition to a wide range of kites, you can also rent anything from buggy and paddle boards to ATBs at Drage Shop Blåvand. If you are in the area, there is no reason to be bored. Drage Shop Blåvand enables you to have a fun and challenging day at the beach and we look forward to guiding you whether you visit the store to rent a beach buggy or want to purchase a kite.

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