Holmsland Klit Golf Restaurant

Klevevej 19, Søndervig, 6950 Ringkøbing


Holmsland Klit Golf Restaurant

At Holmsland Klit Golf, you can experience one of West Jutland's cosiest restaurants which serves delicious food for everyone - members of the golf club as well as non-members. Surrounded by the beautiful and magnificent landscape of western Jutland, you and your family can enjoy an unforgettable meal.

Here you can taste all the traditional Danish dishes and thus fully experience the Danish cuisine. Although our food is traditional, we invent new and modern dishes that are just as delicious as the traditional ones. For example, you can sink your teeth in our tasty beef or get fried pork with parsley sauce. In addition, we have a wide variety of meticulously selected wine and good beer.

Our employees are attentive and welcoming and always ready to give you and your family an experience that will be hard to forget.

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