Imerco - Videbæk

Bredgade 44, 6920 Videbæk


Imerco - Videbæk

At Imerco we have a huge variety of products and brands in the subjects of kitchen and table. In the store, you will find all the popular brands such as Royal Copenhagen, Kähler, Georg Jensen and Rosendahl, but also exclusive brands in a modern design that are only sold by us. Brands like erik bagger a/s, Cook&Baker, the Norwegian retro design icon Cathrineholm and Casa.

Special services:
As an Imerco+ member, you will earn bonus points every time you shop in Imerco. The points can be used on all products in the store. As an Imerco+ member, you will also have many other advantages e.g. special day offers, invitations to VIP events, and we will save your receipts online so we can always find them. You can become a member of Imerco + in the store quickly and easily. 

Gift list:
If you are throwing a wedding party, birthday party, or something else then create a gift list in the store and avoid the exchange race after the party. Gradually as your wishes are purchased, we will remove them from the gift list. Within one month after the party, we will send you a gift voucher for Imerco of 10% of the amount of money that your guests used to buy gifts for to you from your gift list.

Housing and interior