Koral Guld & Sølv

Bredgade 5, 7400 Herning


Koral Guld & Sølv

Jewelry, high level of professionalism and great service. All of which and much more you will find at Koral Guld & Sølv that is located in the middle of Herning's pedestrian street. The shop features beautiful and luxurious jewelry, where there is something for everyone - both for men and women. The store has a large selection of numerous different brands. There are always trained professionals who are ready to give you expert advice, so you find the right watch or piece of jewelry.

Reparation and engraving
Koral Guld & Sølv is also always ready to provide you with the highest level of service and expertise when doing repairs or maintenance on your jewelry or watches. For example, they clean your jewelry and polish them, or adjust your rings’ size. Additionally, the shop also offers all kinds of engraving. Here it is possible to engrave everything from jewelry to cups. The delivery time is top notch and very fast because everything is made in the store.

Purchase of old gold
The store would love to buy your old gold in the form of defective or old jewelry that is just lying at home collecting dust. The staff weighs it and gives you a very good price for your old jewelry. If you buy new items for this price, you will receive 50% extra on top of the gold price. The old jewelry can also be melted into brand new jewelry.

Nothing is too big or small, so drop by Koral Guld & Sølv and experience the beautiful jewelry store at Herning's cozy pedestrian street.