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Kott Fritid - Hvide Sande

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6960 Hvide Sande

Kott Fritid - Hvide Sande

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At Kott Fritid, we offer a wide variety of fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities from tested and known brands. We specialize in the sale of reels, rods, knives, baits and necessary accessories for any kind of fishing.

Whether your goal is to catch fish from the shore, from a lake or from a ship, we can certainly offer you the right things to help you along the way. Our employees are professional and experienced anglers who can provide you with precise and concrete insider information for a successful day on the water.

In addition, we also offer a tour on the sea on our ship MS Solea. MS Solea is a unique offer that gives you the chance to test your abilities at sea. The expected catch here is cod, coalfish, mackerel, ling and many others (depending on the season).

So come by, talk to us and then we will find the right thing for you!

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