McDonald's Herning, Åvænget

Åvænget 2, 7400 Herning


McDonald's Herning, Åvænget

Experience one of the city's most popular eateries offering a varied and appetizing menu and a drive-in if you are on the go. In beautiful, modern and attractive settings you can enjoy a satisfying meal at a reasonable price.


At McDonalds in Herning you can enjoy the delicious classics like Big Mac, McBacon and McFeast or taste our world famous French fries with wonderful dip. In addition, you can have breakfast, desserts, and different beverages.


We are proud of the quality of service that the staff in our restaurant delivers to our many guests every day. Even though we have a lot of customers, we are never stressed, and our employees are always ready to help you with a smile when you order your food.

So, if you like burgers, fries or something else from our favorites, McDonald's Herning is an obvious choice.