Myrhøj Camping

Løgstørvej 69, Myrhøj, 9640 Farsø
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Myrhøj Camping

Myrhøj Camping is a chield friendly campground located in Farsø. The beach is within walking distance and also Myrhøj Plantage is close, which build the frame for a perfect holiday. The campground has playgrounds, an indoor activity room with table soccer, table tennis and a PlayStation as well as a service building with bathrooms, a kitchen and a small shop. There is enough space for the different allotments, which are separated by hedges, that offer windbreak. In case you do not have your own camper, you can rent one of the 9 lodges, that the campground has. For example, you can live in the cosy village of lodges close to one of the playgrounds or enjoy a view over fields, the forest and the fjord. There are several topic-huts for children.

Myrhøj Camping is focusing a lot on the young guests. During the whole season, there are activities for children. Pets are welcome on the campground.

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