Ringkøbing Bolcher

Torvet 14, 6950 Ringkøbing


Ringkøbing Bolcher

At Ringkøbing Bolcher we make hard candy like they did in the old days – by hand. When the candy mass has reached the right temperature in the pot, it is poured onto the table and colour and taste is added. Here, timing is very important in order for the candy to maintain its structure and taste. All hard candies are chopped using an old-fashioned bread slicer or cut by hand so no two are ever alike. 

Ringkøbing Bolcher only uses natural flavours and colours and no preservatives which helps give the hard candy the right colour and taste. 

Much of the candy is made in front of an audience. This means that you and your family help quality test the candy before it hits the shelves. 

Come visit our store and hard candy production. You’ll know where to find us when you reach the town square – a lovely smell of goodies will lead the way. Hard candy in all the colours of the rainbow and ice-cream from our local dairy store in Staby – just the right thing for large and small with a sense for good ingredients. We also offer chocolate workshops for the discerning chocolate lovers. Using chocolate from Callebaut in Switzerland, the quality and taste is excellent, and you decide the look.

Welcome to our store and hard candy production – an experience you won’t soon forget

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