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Ringkøbing Museum

Herningvej 4
6950 Ringkøbing

Ringkøbing Museum

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In Ringkøbing you will find charming, paved streets, lovely old town houses and merchant’s houses and stories about a town with an exciting history.

At Ringkøbing Museum, the story comes to life, here you can experience exciting exhibitions, guided tours and visit the cozy museum shop.

Exhibitions about World War ll

Bombers on their way to Germany, Germans who watched and British soldiers heading home.
The exhibition "Flyvere i natten" tells the story about many British bombers, Lancasters, who flew over and crossed the west coast of Denmark during World War ll. The turning point of the exhibition is a large 1:1 scale mock-up of a Lancaster and the exhibition portrays the story through sound, movies, original objects and oversized pictures about the bombers that crashed, about their missions and the people behind.

At the museum you can also experience the thought-provoking mini exhibition "Hvad bunkeren gemte – en tysk soldat fortæller". The numerous bunkers built along the west coast were a part of the German Atlantic Wall, which would provide protection against an invasion by the Allies. The bunkers were abandoned in 1945 and one of them disappeared! It was covered with sand and dunes and was untouched until a storm in 2008 blew it free.
In the exhibition you can        enter the reconstructed bunker and watch the film about the German soldier Gerhard Saalfeld who lived in the "missing" bunker during the war - several of the exhibited objects belong to him. Gerhard Saalfeld died in January 2013, but on account of his openness and honesty, the story about the bunker is still alive.

Every Tuesday and Thursday in July, August and October there is an introduction to the exhibitions at the museum. At 11.30 in German and at 12.30 in Danish.

City exhibition and city walk

Based on Ringkøbing's history, 200 years of city hall history unfolds at Ringkøbing Museum at the court registry in the exhibition: "Byens hus – amtets hus". In the old town hall, the municipal administration, the administration of justice, the prison administration and even the Ringkøbing fire department were all under the same roof, all of this can be experienced in the exhibition. In recent years, the old town hall was only used by Ringkjøbing County and at the town hall most of the exhibition is a meeting hall for the county council from 1849 to 2006.

At the court registry you can also experience Ringkøbing in the 19th century when Jesper Maler's paintings best describe the merchant town of Ringøbing in the 1800's. Admire the beautiful enlargements of the paintings, where all the details of the picturesque townscape are displayed. The city exhibition is a fantastic starting point for a city walk around the streets - Where many of the houses are still standing.
Ringkøbing Museum organizes city walks in Ringkøbing city, dates can be found at the museum's website.
Bunker trips to Houvig-Fortress north of Søndervig
Come along to the fortress from World War II, see the bunkers from the inside, feel the wind and hear the story. Ringkøbing Museum arranges guided tours to the large bunker Houvig-Fortress north of Søndervig all the year around. Meeting place: Houvig Strand P-place. Find dates and prices at

Living history

The museum is part of Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum, where it is possible to experience the ‘story’ right where it actually happened. The museum consists of a series of authentic buildings, each of which tells their own interesting story about the life that was lived here and about how people and landscape have influenced it!

History is not just put in display cases at Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum. Instead you are able to experience the LIVING HISTORY with all of your senses – when it is brought to life through guided tours, children’s activities and other intriguing options. With a weekly pass or an annual season ticket you can get a discount when visiting some of the museum’s other places.

Children and youths up to 18 years old have free admission accompanied by an adult. The weekly pass can be purchased at the museum’s places of visit. 

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