Skallingevej, 6857 Blåvand



The area around Skalligen and Ho Plantage has beautiful nature and offers interesting activities for the whole family. There are several spaces, where you can sleep in the nature, eat pick-nick and explore the area by foot. 


In between the city of Blåvand and the island Fanø there is a 7 km long peninsula with an area of around 2000 hectare. More precise, this area is located in the Northern Wadden Sea North of Esbjerg and is called Skallingen. 

The peninsula came into existence after a storm flood in 1634 and has since developed til what it is today. Skallingen possesses a special natural phenomena, which one should experience. Over the years, Skallingens nature became more green and on the east side of the island wet lands developed. 

Activities on Skallingen

The peninsula Skallingen offers a wide range of nice activities for the whole family. It is obvious, that the beautiful nature invites to walks. However, there are no marked paths, so everyone has to go on his/her individual tour. 

One route however, is the "Siberian Tour". This is a loop road with a length of 7 kilometers, on which visitors have a good chance of seeing seals and a lot of different birds. It is also possible here to go on a guided tour here. 

Along the coast there are good chances for finding amber. It is often hidden in the sea weed, that is washed up on the beach. 

On Skallingen there are several tables and benches where one can eat while enjoying the view from the dunes towards the beach. It is important to recognize, that dogs are not allowed on the island - not even if they are on a leash. This rule was made to protect the huge bird life on Skallingen. 

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