Søndervig beach

6950 Søndervig


Søndervig beach

White, wide sand beaches and a roaring North Sea surrounded by large dunes. All this and much more can be found at Søndervig beach. The beach is long and wide, so there is lots of space for both young and old and all kinds of activities. For this reason, in 2014 the beach was chosen  as the best beach in Denmark.

The North Sea
The wide sand beaches at Søndervig border the roaring North Sea. At Søndervig beach, you will find the Blue Flag, which symbolizes that the water quality and environmental performance are both in order. Although the water at Søndervig beach is bathing-friendly, you must pay attention to the roaring waves and the current in the water. For this reason, there are lifeguards present at the beach during the high season, week 26 - 33.

Facilities at the beach
On the beach there is a path, so everyone has access to the beautiful beach and not least the water. At the beach, there is also a public toilet at your disposal and a kiosk, so you can buy ice cream on hot summer days.

The town of Søndervig has been the most visited beach town in Denmark since the 19th century. The town offers cosy shops, lovely restaurants, a holiday home area and not least the fantastic beach.

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