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SPORT 24 Ringkøbing

Algade 10
6950 Ringkøbing

SPORT 24 Ringkøbing

categories: Clothing and accessories

We believe that sport is for everyone, and therefore we have a huge variety of high quality sports equipment. Footwear, sportswear, jackets, electronics and gear from almost all sports and from numerous brands in all sizes are available in our local store. 

When you enter the store, our dedicated, approachable and helpful staff, who are more than willing to spend time on you in order to find exactly what you are looking for, will greet you. 

Sport brings people together, which is why we focus on creating a cohesive force in our local community by supporting many of the sporting associations in Ringkøbing.

About us
For more than 30 years ago, our store opened but just like then, we still focus on ensuring that each customer receives the best service from us. We are also extremely passionate about helping our local sporting associations, and deep roots grow between the local football club RIF and SPORT 24 Ringkøbing. 

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