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Stauning Whisky

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Guided tour of Stauning Whiskey
Go on a guided tour of Stauning Whiskey and listen to the fascinating story of how nine joyful amateurs in a small village in West Jutland turned the dream of Danish whisky production into a true fairytale.

On the tour, you will hear the story of how everything started in 2005 and escalated the following year when the internationally renowned whisky expert Jim Morray discovered the whisky from Stauning.

Ever since, the business has grown rapidly and Stauning Whisky today has an annual production of 20,000 liters after the British alcoholic giant Diago in 2015 bought a part of the distillery for no less than 100 million DKK. 

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How to make whisky
The whiskey is produced on a farm outside of Stauning - this is also where the tour takes place.

You will see all parts of the whisky production and each room has its own special atmosphere. You will experience the fragrances of grain, fermentation, alcohol and wood while the dedicated guides give you a detailed insight into how to make whisky from scratch.

The tour ends with the possibility of tasting samples of three different types of whisky.

The shop is open every weekday and in the calendar on our homepage, you can find the schedule for the guided tours. 

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