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The pull ferries in Skjern Enge

6900 Skjern

The pull ferries in Skjern Enge

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When you visit the scenic area of Skjern Å, a trip across the river is highly recommended.

For whether you are on foot or by bike, you can use one of the two pull ferries to cross the river and continue the trip.

When you pull yourselves across the huge river, you will have the opportunity to take a break on the small island Kalvholm that is located in the river.

King Hans’s Bridge
Another option for crossing the river is by using King Hans's Bridge. The bridge is named after the Danish king, who reigned from 1481 to 1513.

It is said that towards Aalborg, the king crashed on his horse and fell into the river at the exact place where the bridge was built.

The king continued the trip with his entourage, but unfortunately, he incurred pneumonia from the cold water, which ended up taking his life. 

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