Vestjysk Friluftcenter

Ringkøbingvej 125, 7620 Lemvig


Vestjysk Friluftcenter

In scenic surroundings, close to Klosterheden lies Vestjysk Friluftcenter, which is one of Jutland´s largest provider of outdoor activities. Here you will find fun, social, challenging and inspiring events, and the center has a massive experience in tailoring an event for private individuals, companies, clubs, institutions, bachelor parties, etc.

Vestjysk Friluftcenter opened in 2002 and has over the years reinvented itself and developed activities such as paintball, rappelling, climbing, 6x6 amphibious vehicles and cable car, and RIB-boating from 2017, as well as archery, ax throwing and bow-battle, which was a huge hit in 2016. The center has incidentally specialized itself in using the facilities for great teambuilding exercises with cooperation in mind. The courses contain both pedagogical and educational content and provide amazing and fun shared experiences in nature - perfect way to ‘break the ice’.

The approximately eight part-time employees share a passion for adrenaline-filled outdoor activities, and are all very experienced in the area. Because of this, it is possible to make serious quality events every time, and never compromise on safety.

After completing the activity, it is possible to sit in the Viking hut, where there is opportunity for bonfires, etc.

So whether you are on a team building trip with fun yet serious content with the company, playing paintball to the bachelor party, play bow-battle with the football team, trying the 6x6 amphibious vehicle or otherwise needs a wonderful experience in nature with an outdoor event in the focus then Vestjysk Friluftcenter is the best, safest and most natural choice.

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