Vrøgum Lopper

Fiilsøvej 2, 6840 Oksbøl


Vrøgum Lopper

At Vrøgrum Lopper you can find everything from home decor, retro, antiques and furniture to clothes, shoes and toys. So stop by and make a great bargain, or let us help you sell your hidden gems. 

Make a great vintage find
Are you on the lookout for a unique piece for your home, do you consider yourself a collector or are you simply hoping to make a fantastic bargain? At Vrøgum Lopper you’ll find ceramics, clothes, toys, cookware, furniture and much, much more. We often have new items on the shelves so if you’re in search of something special, it’s a good idea to stop by regularly. 

Do you want us to sell your things?
Do you have hidden gems in your drawer, garage or up in the attic? Be sure to stop by and rent a stand, so we can help you sell your treasures. It’s the perfect way to make some money whilst getting rid of some stuff from your home.