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Åboulevarden 55
6880 Tarm


categories: Antique shops Housing and interior Clothing and accessories

At Åboulevarden 55 in Tarm you'll find Standlind, a trendy and welcoming second-hand shop with a unique concept: we’re what you‘d call a second-hand supermarket.

As a visitor, you’re free to search the store for all kinds of second-hand treasures. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just having a look around, a trip to Standlind is always an exciting experience. With a cosy atmosphere and a variety of different products, the scene is set for a bargain that’ll be good for everyone.

You can also choose to rent five shelves, a floor space or a dress rail, and sell your old treasures – whether they’re a collection of old glasses, last year’s clothes or teddy bears you’ve outgrown. In other words, the choice is yours. Standlind’s employees will take care of the sale and make sure your gems are displayed in an attractive manner.

You’re always welcome to stop by for a free cup of coffee or tea.

We look forward to your visit!

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