Dyrby´s Cafe

Torvet 4, 7400 Herning


Dyrby´s Cafe

Are you in need of a place to eat or just enjoy a cup of coffee? Then Dyrby’s café and restaurant is perfect for you. The eatery is located in the middle of Herning's pedestrian street and always offers a delicious dinner in cozy surroundings. It offers everything from a light refreshment to a larger dinner with delicious dishes on the menu.

Quality and service
Both the food and beverages at Dyrbys are always of the highest quality. The tasty food is always made with the best ingredients. Dyrbys also has a smiling and well-educated staff who always ensure a great service and experience with a smile on the lip.

Brunch and barista
Dyrbys is an eatery that always offers a little more than what is usual. Therefore, every day you can have a delicious brunch plate, and on Saturday and Sunday you can have a great brunch buffet with all sorts of delicious dishes and drinks.

At Dyrbys you can also rent a barista for a special occasion. Here you will have a barista espresso machine with coffee and milk as well as an educated barista, which guarantees a fantastic coffee experience.

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