Kop og kande - Herning

Søndergade 10, 7400 Herning


Kop og kande - Herning

At Kop & Kande in Herning you will find everything in the field of hardware and gift items. The store has a large selection of different brands covering almost everything in the field of service, kitchen equipment, interior and much more. In addition to an ocean of amazing commodities, you will also find a skilled and professional staff who always have a smile on their lip and are ready to lend you a helping hand.

The customer in focus
The service and customer experience are paramount at Kop & Kande. Here we always make a special effort to ensure that you receive the right guidance and the best purchase back home with you in your bag. Therefore, the staff have a high level of professional knowledge in the field of hardware, so they are ready with the best guidance for you. Kop & Kande in Herning's inner city is therefore the place where the customer is always in focus ensuring that you will have the best experience and service. Drop by and explore the store - see you!

Housing and interior, Retail