Beach Bowl – fitness and tennis

Lodbergsvej 36, Søndervig, 6950 Ringkøbing


Beach Bowl – fitness and tennis

When it is hard to train, the magnificent view helps with the lacking motivation.

The view is in the fitness center at Beach Bowl in the heart of the town of Søndervig, where the large panoramic windows of the center reveal the impressive golf course on the nearby fields.

Modern facilities
The fitness center offers everything from the world of muscle building and cardio training.

The fitness center is divided in two levels and the center is open from morning to night.

Day ticket and ten-time discount card
At Beach Bowl in Søndervig, you do not need to bind yourself for several months if you just want to exercise while you are on holiday.

Instead, you can buy a day ticket or a ten-time discount card, so you only pay for the time you use in the fitness center.

Team training
It is also possible to train in teams in the center. Among other things, we arrange body toning.

You also have an opportunity to create an individual training program with the competent instructors of the center.

Everything else
Beach Bowl offers, besides fitness, a wide range of activities. Those are bowling, tennis, pool and adventure golf.

You can also enjoy a delicious dinner and a great glass of red wine in the excellent restaurant of Beach Bowl.

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