Mrs. Pedersen’s garden

Skalstrupvej 36, 7570 Vemb


Mrs. Pedersen’s garden

Just outside the West Jutland town called Vemb lies Mrs. Pedersen's garden, which is a magnificent, enchanting and beautiful cottage garden in English style. The garden extends over two acres of land and consists of beautiful nooks and corners with many beautiful beds and also of exciting gazebos and two well-furnished cabins, which function as Bed & Breakfast. The garden is open from May to September and to Christmas where the garden has a Christmas theme.

Mrs. Pedersen's garden is an open garden, perfect for a lovely and inspiring trip for gardening and design enthusiasts. On a walk around, you will experience a spirited universe with everything the heart desires of water, fertile raised beds, terraces and a playground. In addition to the fertile, you will also experience all sorts of animals, such as chickens, ducks, geese, white pigeons and cats. In the summer, the garden will always be full of the cutest baby animals.

Guided tour
It is possible to book guided tours in Mrs. Pedersen's garden and the romantically decorated home, for minimum eight people (by appointment). The tour ends with coffee.

Bed & Breadfast
Mrs. Pedersen has decorated the garden's two portable cabins used for Bed & Breakfast, and here garden enthusiast can spend the night in wonderful surroundings and buy breakfast in the morning.

Mrs. Pedersen's garden is full of life, romance and passion, and the magnificent garden will surely inspire and astonish.

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