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Gammelgård Glas

Gammelgårdvej 12
7650 Bøvlingbjerg

Gammelgård Glas

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Glass art on sticks

At Gammelgård Glas’ gallery, unique glass art of high quality is sold. A family business where the family Christensen together design and develop figurines, dishes, jewelry etc.
Many of the figurines are based upon stories and traditions. The first figurines that were designed were chickens. Since then many new figurines were made.
Nowadays - in addition to jewelry and dishes - more than 120 different figures are produced such as chickens, cats, mermaids, sheep, soldiers, Vikings, wise men and many other glass figurines, ornaments of glass and large dishes, which the three women create. Many of the figures include a postcard with a small tale about the product in Danish or English.

The daughters, Camila and Catrine design and develop jointly with their mother Ingalil. Camila is a product designer, draws the figures, and creates pictures for Gammelgård Glas. Catrine is an industrial designer, and she designs all of the glass jewels and unique pieces. Ingalil, who is an educated teacher, is the glass artist and the day-to-day head of management in the company. And father Knud is the company’s handy man.
Everyone works - both young and old.

The gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday between 11:00 and 15:30

At the café, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a hot pretzel or take a walk in our lovely gardens with a playground for younger children.

In July and August, there are exciting activities for children and adults in the workshop. Here you can design unique figures, reliefs, pictures, etc. visit the website.

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