Høfde Q

Shelte Fjaltring Keldbjergvej,, 7620 Fjaltring


Høfde Q

At Fjaltring beach lies the lovely Høfde Q, which is a natural gathering place for bathers, surfers and campers.
The bathing and surf conditions are safe.

Shelters at Høfde Q 
At a meadow behind the final row of dunes lies a wonderful area with two shelters. The location is one of a kind and the view is breathtaking. Here you can have a wonderful 'outdoor' accommodation while enjoying nature and your warm sleeping bag and listening to the calming sound of ocean waves.

The site is wheelchair friendly and there are great toilet opportunities.
The square also features a barbecue, so you can grill your own food.
Here you will with guarantee enjoy a happy experience in the fresh sea air.
Breakwater Q is definitely worth a visit.

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