Kik Ind

Torvet 20, 6950 Ringkøbing

Kik Ind

During the last 17 years Kik Ind in Ringkøbing was owned by Gitte Dohm and her husband, and it is Gitt's smiling face that you will meet in the store.


Gitte Dohm is very passionate about great service and takes pride in knowing her customers. This is reflected in her way of purchasing clothes to the store, where she always orders articles with a particular customer in mind.


At Kik Ind you will find a wide range of fashionable clothes in sizes 34 to 56. The shop is comprehensible and well-decorated, and Gitte Dohm is ready to provide the industry's best service. We offer you a variety of different brands and all the stunning clothes can be bought at reasonable prices.


You will find the amazing clothing store Kik Ind at Borgmestergården in Ringkøbing. The store is centrally located and is situated at Torvet nr. 20 with parking opportunities close by.


The store is very popular lacally and Gitte Dohm enjoys having a chat about big and small with her customers. Even though she is preoccupied with another customer, you can be certain that she notices you coming in and will send you a smile.


If you buy your next outfit at Kik Ind, you will not only receive a stunning, modern outfit but also a great experience and service! We look forward to seeing you!

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