Nymindegab Beach

Nymindegab Strand, 6830 Nr. Nebel


Nymindegab Beach

Approx. 500 meters from the city of Nymindegab lies Nymindegab beach – a lovely beach with activities for the entire family. The beach is the most southern in the area around Ringkøbing Fjord and offers good facilities, plenty of activities and stunning landscapes. The beach is located next to the roaring North Sea and is a lovely, wide white sand beach shielded by large lyme grass-covered dunes.  

Activities and facilities
Nymindegab beach offers many good activities and facilities that make a day at the beach even better. The cool water is perfect for a dip on hot summer days. After a dip in the North Sea you can enjoy the warmth of the sun. You can also buy an ice-cream or another treat in the nearby kiosks and cafés. And if you like history, you should check out the well-preserved bunkers from World War II that are found on the beach. 


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